The Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA) is the internal incorporated recognising body for practitioners of the Universal Medicine Therapies, that lead with a standard of professionalism and integrity exemplary in the complementary healthcare industry.

This could not be possible without the standard to which the EPA membership demonstrates a truly complementary relationship between themselves as practitioners, clients and medical professionals working together for the benefit of all.

Members are qualified by the EPA as meeting the standards of integrity and professionalism as represented in the EPA Code of Ethics and Conduct. This recognition is an assessment by the EPA on an annual basis and is not a paper exercise of recognitions held or workshops attended, alone. Whilst technical skills and prowess are undoubtedly important, the EPA recognition is an assessment of the individual member’s level of commitment and responsibility to the principles enshrined in the EPA Code of Ethics and, as a necessary corollary to this, their commitment to the community/public who receive their services. Hence EPA recognition is a statement that the member lives and represents the standards set by the EPA. Hence recognition by the EPA is a measure of trust and assurance for the public.

“The EPA is a body of expression that is there for the development of its members and its practitioners for the sole purpose of the development of all equally.”

~ Natalie Benhayon, Director