About EPA Membership

There are two levels of membership available:

Professional Practitioner Membership

Professional Practitioner Membership is available for those who intend to professionally practice the Universal Medicine Therapies on a part-time or full-time basis in a clinical setting. This membership is available to those who have completed at a minimum Levels 1 and 2 of Sacred Esoteric Healing as taught by Universal Medicine.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is for those who wish to support/sponsor the merits of the EPA. You may be a recipient of the Universal Medicine Therapies and/or inspired by the association’s commitment to an exemplary level of providing care, treatment and integrity through the many modalities the EPA recognises. This membership is available to those who have attended at a minimum Level 1 of Sacred Esoteric Healing or a Universal Medicine Retreat.

Professional Practitioner Members

Professional Practitioner Members receive access to various resources to support their professional practice and ongoing development as well as member updates via email and the EPA newsletter.

Professional Practitioner Members are invited to attend the annual EPA Conference, in person or via webcast, which is offered at no extra charge to the annual membership fee.

Associate Members

Associate Members will receive a subscription to the EPA newsletter, have access to member information about the EPA and its many developing projects and are welcomed to attend the EPA’s Annual Conferences in Australia and the UK (free events).

In order to be recognised, EPA Professional Practitioner Members must complete all training and qualifying requirements (available upon approved membership), pass an annual assessment and demonstrate continuing professionalism, integrity and capability to the standard required by the EPA.

All EPA Professional Practitioner Members who practise the Esoteric Modalities are required to take out mandatory insurance.

Become an EPA Member

To apply for membership please select the option that applies.

Professional Practitioner Member

AUD$52per year
  • To professionally practice the Universal Medicine Therapies.

Associate Member

AUD$37per year
  • To support/sponsor the merits of the EPA