Esoteric Yoga is the Yoga of Stillness. It is a self-healing modality that epitomises the true essence of yoga, meaning union. Specifically, Esoteric Yoga is a modality that facilitates union with your soul as a natural way of being and living.

The movements offered within a session, bring a focussed presence to the quality of how and why you move your body. Each movement becomes a strengthening point of inner-stillness and deeper quality of union. In very practical terms, Esoteric Yoga supports you to live with greater respect, self-care and love for your body, honouring the wisdom and guidance it provides as we go about our daily living.

The true purpose of yoga, to develop union with our Soul has been lost, with many practices focussing on attaining an exterior look or more spiritually calm disposition. This falls well short of what is offered within the ever-deepening space of true union. Yoga practiced in the form of asanas or using elements of mind and breath control can offer a calming affect but will ultimately result in a form of distraction away from the deeper union available and thus an avoidance of true stillness and union.  The introduction of postures and physical activities in the last two centuries has led modern yoga away from its true purpose and source, that is, to re-connect and support us on the return to our divine way of being and living.

Although we are ‘human beings’ we could now be more aptly known as ‘human doings’. Our modern day lives are characterised by excessive motion, busyness, distraction and stimulation, driven by a dominant mind. What corrects this excess motion and re-connects us to what life is truly about is the quality of stillness in our being. 

Esoteric Yoga was founded by Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine and has its foundations in Raja Yoga, as was so clearly set down by Patanjali, over 2000 years prior to our current day. Esoteric Yoga is clearly needed, for we are currently in a period of time where so many find themselves a long way away from the stillness within, and a sense of who they truly are.

Esoteric Yoga offers a confirmation of a true known way of being and living – mind & body in union with soul. It is a reminder of how simple and normal it is to be ourselves. It helps us to understand that how we are living impacts our health and vitality. If how we are living is creating how we feel, then by making changes to the way in which we live, we have the choice to change how we feel.

‘Esoteric Yoga develops the quality that becomes the movement that you will magnify through-out your body.’
 ~ Serge Benhayon

The power of Esoteric Yoga lays in its offering of a true stop to any pace and momentum that may be harming the body. It provides participants the space and time to re-connect with their body, to listen to all that their body is attempting to share and re-discover their true way of being and moving from a foundation of stillness.

From a place of connection with self, Esoteric Yoga presents us with the opportunity to consider and look at:

  • the quality in which we move
  • the intentions behind why we move the way we do
  • how we feel throughout our day as a result of our choices


* The Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA) is a branch of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to support the development of the practitioners who practise the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine. The EPA is based on religious principles, esoteric practices and The Ageless Wisdom, as taught by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.