Jenny James

McLeans Ridges,  Northern Rivers,  New South Wales,  Australia

Jenny James has studied the Universal Medicine Esoteric Modalities for over 15 years. Her wealth of experience supports a deeper understanding of how the constant challenges of life and build-up of daily stresses impacts our body and sense of wellbeing, and how we can let go and restore the body back to its natural flow and vitality. 'True delicateness and sensitivity is our greatest teacher.’

‘When we are settled in our body, complexity becomes simplicity, and we naturally access a deeper level of how to approach challenges in life and live our true vitality.’

Our willingness for clarity and our ability to truly nurture ourselves reflects in all relationships – workplace, family and life. Rejuvenating the body, and deepening awareness in life by supporting the body in its natural state of stillness, enriches all aspects of life.

Esoteric Massage
Sacred Esoteric Healing
Esoteric Facial Release

Therapies Practised

Sacred Esoteric Healing, Esoteric Massage

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