Sarah Schürch

Thalheim & Winterthur,  Winterthur,  Zürich,  Switzerland

Whether it is the experience of deep body treatments, inspiration for dietary and cooking habits or discovering a different way of body training, Sarah Schürch whole heartily shares her insights for a life of joy and ease which she gathers from everyday life - at work in a home for people with dementia, with family and relationships as well as her experience of 20 years as a body therapist. She loves to support and accompany all who wish to deepen and expand, on their way back to more lived lightness, vitality and joy.

The different modalities are all suitable to get more deeply in touch with one's body and the stillness within. From this place ailments such as tension, pain, cycle or digestive problems, emotional disturbances can be addressed and supported alongside with conventional medicine and other therapies.

"In deepening the connection to our body and soul, we can settle again more and more into the stillness within and go about our lives inspired and impulsed from this place within."

Therapies Practised

Sacred Esoteric Healing, Esoteric Chakra-puncture, Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy, Esoteric Yoga

Related Professions

Dipl. Acupuncture SBO-TCM, Organiser of Workshops, Studying nursing


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